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Nearly every person who visits your home will use your guest bathroom, which means that it should leave a great impression while being both inviting and relaxing. This is a big order for an oftentimes small space. But crafting an environment that will be as welcoming to your guests as your hospitality is easy- from the basics to the details.

Basics: A clean space is always a must when entertaining. Wall-hung furniture and toilets can help you keep the room as clean as possible, which is a plus for the avid host/hostess. Picking items that match your theme is easy with the array of wall-hung options that currently exist.

The Details: Make sure the room is bright and welcoming to your guests. Pick wall and tile colors that will make the space feel airy and open, not dark and drab. Accessorize with beautiful items that catch your eye and fit your theme and- viola!- your bathroom will be a room in the house will make yours your guests’ favorite home-away-from-home.

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Our innovative bathroom planner helps you design your guest bathroom just the way you want it to look while making the best use of the existing space. Plus, with our unique VR Cardboard, you view what you’ve designed in 3-D - it’s almost real!

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