SupraFix 3.0

Easy installation. Invisible mounting system.

Discover the easy and attractive way to install wall-mounted toilets: SupraFix 3.0 The latest generation of clever installation solutions lets you install your Villeroy & Boch toilets and seat covers conveniently in just a few simple steps. SupraFix 3.0 allows you to achieve visual perfection in the bathroom without any distracting screws or covers. Only the design stands out. New with SupraFix 3.0: The toilet seat can now be accurately adjusted to the millimeter. 

Installed in a few easy steps

Watch our installation video and see how easily the toilet can be installed step by step using SupraFix 3.0. 

Here’s how to successfully install*

Easy toilet installation

  • Screw the wall bracket into the wall

  • Use included “Vego Pieces” to smooth out uneven wall surface  

  • Attach toilet to the bracket 

  • Simply drop 2 of the attachment screws into the holes provided in the ceramic, tighten, and done 

* Detailed information about installation can be found in SupraFix 3.0 Installation Guide

Flexible seat installation

  • Simply click Vario-nut onto the attachment screws

  • Screw the seat hinges to the toilet attachment from above

  • Attach the seat 

  • Fine-tune seat adjustment and tighten screws 

Advantages of SupraFix 3.0

Advantages of SupraFix 3.0

  • Easy toilet installation thanks to innovative system  

  • Convenient attachment from above  

  • Invisible system: All installation elements are hidden in the ceramic  

  • Gives it a perfect look and makes it easy to clean  

  • Easy installation and flexible fine adjustment of the seat 

All toilets with SupraFix 3.0

The matching seat comes with QuickRelease and SoftClosing on request. 


Thanks to QuickRelease technology, the toilet seat can be removed with just a twist so that the toilet can be cleaned especially thoroughly.

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The convenient SoftClosing technology prevents toilet seat from closing with a bang. 

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