Oliver Schweizer

Straightforward design for everyday comfort.

Personal comfort is at the heart of Oliver Schweizer’s bathroom designs. He expertly unites functionality and beauty to create exceptional products that create and foster a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. Clean, generous shapes, largely inspired by Scandinavian style, characterize the numerous collections the product designer from Stuttgart, Germany, has been creating for Villeroy & Boch for more than 20 years.

His designs incorporate the long-standing experience he has gathered in a variety of fields – including automotive, office, household, health, lifestyle and sports- with his design studio Schweizer Design Consulting. He is adept at implementing technologies and design ideas that turn the bathroom routine into a more beautiful, more enjoyable experience.

Oliver Schweizer, Designer

The collections

Oliver Schweizer, Designer

For all their variety, Oliver Schweizer's designs for Villeroy & Boch follow a clear concept: They are characterized by a simple, generous style that radiates serenity and comfort. This can be seen clearly in the Levanto vanity collection, where clever lighting effects set the right mood for any time of the day.

Levanto Collection from Villeroy & Boch


With Levanto, Oliver Schweizer demonstrates his preference for expansive surfaces. Linear ceramics, simple furniture and the interplay of various proportions come together to create a bathroom that is both stylish and elegant. For an exciting visual contrast, the designer added a distinctive sloped edge: The sink and counter actually appear to hover over the vanity unit. The integrated ambient lighting further reinforces this effect.

Levanto Vanities

Exceptional design for luxurious bathrooms

Oliver Schweizer is an expert at blending everyday convenience with aesthetic appeal.
This shows, not only in his designs but also in his numerous international design awards. Most recently, his Levanto vanity units for Villeroy & Boch were awarded the renowned Red Dot Design Award 2016.

Red Dot Design Award 2016