Chris Hegeman und Johan de Groot

Designs focused on people.

Chris Hegeman and Johan de Groot make a great team. These two product designers at Villeroy & Boch create the bathroom products of tomorrow and beyond.

As different as the personalities of the two Dutchmen are, so are their ways in approaching the design process. Starting from completely different points, they move closer and closer to one another until they eventually end up with the perfect result.

Success has proved them right. Inspired by popular Dutch design, their creations are modern, innovative and distinct. They put people at the heart of their designs, devoting special attention to detail. Only when a product's functionality is perfect, can its design also be perfect.

Johan de Groot (left) and Chris Hegeman (right), product designers

"Good designs generally emerge when people work together."

— Chris Hegeman

The collections

Chris Hegeman and Johan de Groot continue to inspire design at Villeroy & Boch with their collections and products. Most recently they created the functional and purely relaxing Loop & Friends bathtubs.

Loop & Friends bath

Loop & Friends

The two designers have created a masterpiece of individuality with Loop & Friends. The versatile collection offers an array of different shapes, providing customers with plenty of creative freedom to find the perfect products to match their bathroom as well as their own style. The freestanding bathtubs, oval or rectangular, are created to ensure a luxurious bathing experience thanks to their sophisticated ergonomics, low interior depth and convenient wide ledges.

Numerous awards for outstanding designs

Chris Hegeman's and Johan de Groot's outstanding understanding of design is also reflected in numerous design awards. Their designs have won the renowned Red Dot Design Award several times: in 2012 for Loop & Friends, in 2014 for Architectura MetalRim (an international product) and in 2016 for the Just Silence whirlpool(an international product) , which was also awarded the iF Design Award in 2015. Their Squaro Edge 12 bath (an international product) also received the Interior Innovation Award in 2014.

Award-winning collections