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Toilets from Villeroy & Boch

Functionality Meets Design.

The toilet is an essential feature of any bathroom. It should blend harmoniously with the overall design of the room and offer innovative functionality to meet the requirements of today’s bathrooms. All of Villeroy & Boch’s collections offer high-quality toilets with clear forms, attractive designs, and innovative hygiene technologies.

Elegant designs for a harmonious atmosphereElegant Designs for a Harmonious Atmosphere

Villeroy & Boch’s well-designed toilets can meet any requirements for decorating your bathroom as attractively as possible. The Architectura system collection features both round or angular models for mix and matching with other furnishings. The sleek and timeless models open up a number of options for custom bathroom design.

The Subway 2.0 line features a minimalist design that focuses on the essential, and proves that less is more. But don’t worry: no compromises are made when it comes to functionality. In contrast, O.novo is unexpectedly different and charms with understated elegance.

Ultimate Cleanliness and Efficiency

Hygiene is a matter of trust. There’s practically no other place where it plays such an important role as in the bathroom. Villeroy & Boch toilets are forerunners in delivering maximum cleaning results. The innovative CeramicPlus finish is equipped with a unique surface that is dirt-repellent and very easy to clean.

Villeroy & Boch toilets continue to set standards in efficient water consumption with maximum cleaning performance using the AquaReduct® water-saving flushing system. The rimless DirectFlush toilets require a minimum amount of flush water due to the sophisticated flushing system that leaves the toilet practically germ-free.

The Perfect Toilet for Your Needs and Circumstances

Every bathroom is different and the requirements and preferences for a new toilet are equally as individual. The size of the toilet also depends on whether a bathroom is large enough for a spacious spa oasis or is just a small guest bathroom. A compact, space-saving toilet is perfect for bathrooms where space is limited.

Toilets are also available as wall-mounted models or floor-standing models. Wall-mounted models allow the height to be adjusted to personal requirements, while standing models are a standard height. But a floor-standing toilet can also add distinctiveness or a vintage touch, especially when it has a visible tank.