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A bidet with a cleansing spray nozzle is an ideal complement to your toilet. Bidets meet your needs for enhanced cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom. At Villeroy & Boch, you can find a wide selection of wall-hung and floor-mounted bidets in designs that coordinate with our toilets and your overall bathroom.

Browse our wide selection and find the perfect bidet for your needs.

Wall-hung bidets

Wall-hung bidets can be installed at different levels depending on personal preference and size of the user.


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Compact bidet

The low profile of compact bidets makes them a perfect choice for small bathrooms without sacrificing cleansing power.


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Hygiene, Komfort, Innovation: Bidets von Villeroy & Boch.



CeramicPlus is a finish that is applied to the surface of sanitary ceramics such as bidets and toilets to repel water and dirt, allowing for easy cleaning of your bathroom ceramics.



AntiBac is charged with silver ions proven to reduce proliferation of bacteria and germs by more than 99.9%. This makes AntiBac an ideal choice for bidets, toilets and other bathroom ceramics, even with the most discerning hygiene standards.



The innovative TitanGlaze impresses with a modern matte look and premium quality for your bathroom. Crystalline aluminum oxide makes TitanGlaze extremely durable while providing resistance to impact and scratches. Keep your bidet, toilet and other sanitary ceramics looking as shiny as on the first day.


Simple installation

Our bidets are designed to make installation in your bathroom quick and easy. Many wall-hung bidets are installed from below to conceal the fittings and create a streamlined, harmonious look in the bathroom. Select floor-mounted bidets are also available in this version.

Why Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch: Quality with tradition.

Complete solution

Our selection includes everything you need for your dream bathroom: From concealed installation systems to bidets and toilets as well as a wide range of bathroom accessories, Villeroy & Boch has all the products you need to make your dream bathroom become reality.

Coordinating toilet/bidet combinations

Choose from a wide range of collections to find the perfect toilet/bidet combination to suit your bathroom and your personal style.


Find answers to frequently asked questions from our customers here. If you can't find the answer to your question, please use the contact form and direct your query straight to us or a local dealer.

Why do I need a bidet?

A bidet enhances hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom by using a gentle spray nozzle for cleansing the genital area. At Villeroy & Boch, you can find a wide selection of wall-hung and floor-mounted bidets in designs that coordinate with our toilets.

What types of bidets are there?

We offer floor-mounted and wall-hung bidets, as well as a compact bidet, in coordinating designs that go with our bathroom sinks and toilets.

Is there also a compact solution?

Yes, we offer a compact bidet with the Subway 2.0 Bidet Compact, which coordinates perfectly with the Subway 2.0 wall-hung toilet – an ideal choice for a small bathroom or a guest bathroom.

What is the mounting frame used for?

Thin, weak bathroom walls often pose a problem when you want to install a wall-hung bidet. A mounting frame offers an alternative to standard installation systems. It generally performs the same role as a dry construction element (e.g. ViConnect). It has no function (drainage, etc.) and is simply used to enhance the stability of your bidet.

Which collections allow for the installation of a 3-hole faucet on a bidet?

A 3-hole faucet can be installed on the bidet from our Hommage bathroom collection.

What accessible solutions are available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any accessible bidets. However, you might consider our ViClean bidet toilets, which offer a range of comfort features (automatic opening and closing of the lid/seat) and a gently cleansing spray nozzle to enhance your bathroom experience.

Care instructions

Some practical tips for care and cleaning of your Villeroy & Boch bidet.

Everyday maintenance

All Villeroy & Boch bathroom ceramics, including our bidets and toilets, feature a smooth, dense and virtually scratch-proof surface that is resistant to all common household acids and alkalis. In most cases, clean water and a damp cloth are all you need for everyday care of your bidet. Water marks, residual grease or soap can be removed easily using a bathroom cleaner or vinegar-based cleaning product. For an environmentally friendly solution, you can use household vinegar or diluted vinegar essence to quickly remove limescale deposits from your bathroom ceramics.

Care of CeramicPlus

For regular care of CeramicPlus, we recommend a standard general-purpose cleaner and a kitchen sponge with a soft, non-abrasive surface or a microfiber cloth. Avoid abrasive powder cleaners, as their use could reduce the water-repellent effect over time. You should also avoid any items that could potentially cause scratches on the surface.