Bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch

Relax in style

When it comes to relaxation and enjoyment, few things compare to soaking in a warm bath. At Villeroy & Boch you will find a large selection of bathtubs in many different designs: large or small, angular or round, freestanding or built-in, of acrylic or Quaryl®.

Be inspired by our large assortment - you’ll find the perfect tub for your dream bathroom.

Free-standing Bathtubs

A free-standing bathtub means exclusivity and luxury - it is a true symbol for bathroom wellness.

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Corner Bathtubs

Space-saving corner bathtubs are ideal for using available space in a bathroom efficiently.

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Rectangular Bathtubs

Rectangular bathtubs have the advantage of versatility: They are available in many sizes - ideal for large or small bathrooms.

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Round Bathtubs 

A round bathtub gives a bathroom a luxurious atmosphere and is an ideal tub for installing a whirlpool system.


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Oval Bathtubs

Oval bathtubs have a particularly harmonious effect giving the bathroom a sensuous feel.


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Top Sellers

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Why choose Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch: Innovation and quality from the experts.

Heat insulating

Acrylic quickly assumes the temperature of the bath water while smooth Quaryl® insulates so that the  water in the bathtub stays warm for a long time

Large variety of sizes

Whether you want a big or small, rectangular, oval or round, freestanding or built-in tub — at Villeroy & Boch you will find the perfect bathtub for your personal dream bathroom.

Integrated solution

Everything from one source: You can find everything you need for your dream bathroom with us, from bathroom accessories to bathtubs.

Easy to clean

Because they have pore-free and seamlessly smooth surfaces, the bathtubs made of acrylic and Quaryl® are easy to clean. Dirt barely sticks to the sides; the bathtub shines like new even after many years.


Are you planning to remodel a bathroom on the upper floor of an old building? Acrylic bathtubs are particularly light-weight and perfect for bathrooms in old buildings.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about bathtubs by Villeroy & Boch here. If you don’t find answers to your technical questions here, please contact us directly ([email protected]) or a specialized dealer.

Can Quaryl® bathtubs be repaired?

Yes. You can have bathtubs made of Quaryl® repaired. Please contact our technical customer service through your plumbing specialist or installer. You can also find reference addresses online under Dealer finder, or call +49 (0) 68 64 / 81 1500.

Which bathtub shapes are best for small spaces?

In bathrooms where space is tight, small corner or hexagonal bathtubs as well as rear-wall tubs offer a perfect solution. They can be built-in, which leaves plenty of room for moving around. A trapezoidal bathtub is perfect when space is at a minimum, e.g., because of a door, but you want to enjoy lots of space in the tub.

Which bathtub shapes suit large spaces?

The possibilities are practically endless in a large bathroom. Choose the tub length, width, and shape best suited to your taste. Extra-large bathtubs let couples bathe comfortably together. A freestanding bathtub also offers a very elegant experience. A tub recessed in the floor additionally opens the room and has a very exclusive look.

How can I get rid of slight surface damage on my acrylic bathtub?

For slight damage on acrylic tub surfaces, you can purchase repair kits for acrylic from a specialist. Wet sandpaper (1200 grain) and fine steel wool can also smooth out small surface damage. Sand carefully in a lengthwise direction until the color of the surface looks even again. Afterwards, restore the glossiness with polishing agent, metal polish, or a wax-free automobile polish. For matt surfaces, the finish can only be conditionally worked because it has already been lightly polished in a sanding step. If the damage is deep enough that it needs filling, you will need to order the acrylic repair set (Item no. UCREP0001-01 for white). For more questions, please contact your plumbing specialist or installer. You can also find reference addresses online under Dealer finder.

How do I install the Squaro Edge 12 waste overflow and water inlet?

This video tutorial shows you how to install an overflow and water inlet for our Squaro Edge 12 model: To the video.

Can I screw handles onto by bathtub?

Yes, the matching handles can be ordered pre-assembled.

Care Instructions

We have put together some information about caring for and cleaning your Villeroy & Boch bathtub here.

How do I clean my acrylic or Quaryl® bathtub?

Both acrylic and Quaryl® surfaces are very easy to keep clean because they are almost pore-free and smooth. Both surfaces are resistant to all common household chemicals. Wash the surface regularly with a sponge and liquid cleaner suitable for acrylic-type plastics to keep the tub’s glossiness.  Please never use scouring powder or cream. You can get rid of calcium deposits using vinegar or special lime and calcium descalers. To remove greasy residues, use alkaline cleaners, such as simple dish detergents.

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