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Wall-Mounted Bidets from Villeroy &Boch

Classic Chic for Your Bathroom.

Low-Maintenance and Beautiful

Today’s preferred style for bidets is currently wall-mounted. This allows flexibility in the installation height to meet specific needs and it makes the room look visually more spacious because the floor is clear. This installation method also makes it easier to clean and maintain the flooring and offers greater convenience.

Modern bidets from Villeroy & Boch boast perfect elegance. Their designs can coordinate with or match your other ceramic products. The superbly handcrafted elegant, shiny finish on the high-quality wall-mounted bidets turns them into a stylish centerpiece.

Stylish Collections Say Individuality

The exclusive products from Villeroy & Boch provide plenty of creative scope for your vision and design ideas. The timelessly beautiful collections have a wide range of differently-shaped bidets that can be mounted on the wall.

Attractive, molded edges are a feast for the eyes and testify to great creative talent. The Architectura collection comes with a wealth of design options. It has angular or round models to blend perfectly with the ambience of your bathroom.

Innovative Surfaces for Added Comfort

A wall-mounted bidet with the CeramicPlus finish allows you to enjoy the luxury of hygienic cleanliness every day. Liquids and dirt simply roll down the high-quality ceramic surface leaving nothing behind. The result? Less time spent cleaning, and more time spent enjoying. Thanks to this innovative surface, aggressive cleaning products and time-consuming cleaning are a thing of the past.

The high-quality of Villeroy & Boch’s bidets makes them very durable. You will be able to appreciate these premium products for many years to come as you enjoy your daily personal hygiene routines in a very unique atmosphere.

When it comes to your dream bathroom, you want functional as well as stylish fixtures with everything that is available. A bidet is the perfect addition for your special bathroom-meeting your need for cleanliness and hygiene in the best possible way. The bidet should match the toilet to create a harmonious look. For this reason, Villeroy & Boch has both floorstanding and wall-mounted models.