Bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch

Relax in style

The variety of bathtubs: the right model for your bathroom

Every bathroom is different and not every bathtub is suitable for every room situation. Personal needs also play an important role when choosing the ideal tub model. That’s why Villeroy & Boch offers you a wide variety of different bathtub designs. Whether a timelessly beautiful classic rectangular tub, a space-saving corner bathtub or a stylish hexagonal model - you are sure to find the version that fulfills your bathroom dreams to the maximum.

To the models

Rectangular bathtubs

Rectangular bathtubs are considered popular classics and are probably the most common tub version for good reason. Available in various sizes, these versatile all-rounders cut a fine figure in both large and small bathrooms. Strictly rectangular tubs can be found in the Architectura or Avento collections, among others. Loop & Friends and Libra, on the other hand, soothe the eye with a contrasting oval tub interior.

Hexagonal bathtubs

Thanks to their impressive appearance, hexagonal tubs immediately catch the eye. The shape is reminiscent of a small boat and fits perfectly into the bathroom. Full of character and individuality, hexagonal bathtubs are predestined to steal the show from all other bathroom components as free-standing style elements in a generously proportioned wellness bath. The exclusive eye-catchers are available in selected collections such as Loop & Friends or Squaro. Available in various sizes, these versatile all-rounders cut a fine figure in both large and small bathrooms. Strictly rectangular tubs can be found in the Architectura or Avento collections, among others. Loop & Friends and Libra, on the other hand, soothe the eye with a contrasting oval tub interior.

Oval bathtubs

Ovals are a symbol of harmony and comfort. Oval bathtubs lend your bathroom a sensual atmosphere and exude an incomparable aesthetic. The gently rounded bathtubs are available in various sizes depending on the available space in your bathroom. The central drain placement also ensures comfortable bathing pleasure for two in most versions. How about an oval tub from the My Nature, Nexus or Cetus collection, for example?

Custom bathtubs

Special bathroom situations require custom-made solutions. Villeroy & Boch offers custom bathtubs which, for example, come in asymmetrical shapes. This makes the extravagant bathroom products not only very practical but also provides an impressive design at the same time. These custom baths are available exclusively in the Loop & Friends tub collection.

Free-standing bathtubs

A freestanding bathtub from Villeroy & Boch oozes pure aesthetics and is like a well-polished piece of jewelry in the center of your very own personal wellness oasis. Whether in an exposed position on a small pedestal or like a throne on artfully designed feet –use your freestanding bathtub as an eye-catcher to give you unique moments of relaxation. Freestanding tubs can be found in almost all of our bathroom collections.

Corner bathtubs

A practical corner tub uses existing space in a smart way. The marriage of a squared tub exterior and oval tub interior gives these bathtubs a particularly attractive effect. Depending on the available space, the elegant bathtubs have different side measurements for a seamless fit in your bathroom. For example, how about a spacious model from the Squaro collection?

From spring green to winter blue: colorful bathtubs

Colors create emotions in us and have a significant influence on our mood. So, why buy a tub in simple white when the world outside your own four walls is calling with a full palette of colors just waiting to be a source of inspiration for happy, bright designer pieces? This is the thought that designer Gesa Hansen had when she designed a color concept following the four seasons exclusively for Villeroy & Boch. The results are attractive bathtubs in spring green, summer yellow, autumn red and winter blue. Every color is available in rich in variety of shades to match your bathroom. The flowing transition between the bright white of the tub interior as it comes up to the edge in a soft line before turning into another color has a particularly artful effect.

Colorful bathtubs

Innovative materials and perfectly processed surfaces

High-quality materials with reliably long-lasting features - this is a tradition with Villeroy & Boch. The company started making its first beautifully shaped acrylic bathtubs, which offer so much in terms of design and manufacturing quality, in 1969. The developer set a standard with the innovative material Quaryl® and raised the design options for designing acrylic tubs to a completely new level.

Acrylic: reliable and multi-sided

Sanitary acrylic is most frequently used for producing modern bathtubs - and it’s no wonder: the multifaceted material has many advantages. Because of its flexible processing quality, a great variety of different shapes and designs are possible in acrylic tubs. The surface is very pleasant to the skin with its warm texture, and acrylic bathtubs are slip resistant. The pore-free material has been proven to be reliably color-fast and to keep its shine for a long time.

Quaryl®: Fascination made of two components

Villeroy & Boch has been making bathtubs of the finest Quaryl® for more than 20 years. Quaryl® is a unique material combined of natural quartz and high-quality acrylic resin. The result is a fusion of the best properties of both components. Incomparable designs and accurate lines while also keeping reliable robustness and scratch resistance - only Quaryl® can do that. The insulating surface feels pleasant to touch and caresses your skin.

Wellness for all senses: Whirlpool systems from Villeroy & Boch

The whirlpool tub system is available for many bathtubs from different collections, such as Loop & Friends, Aveo, Oberon and O.novo. That way, you can draw on the full range of design possibilities and at the same time enjoy the luxury of a jetted tub in your own bathroom.

The bottom line

Villeroy & Boch bathtubs stand out with discerning aesthetics that offer a luxurious time-out to your everyday

The bath product line offers a rich variety of high-quality tubs in different shapes and designs, which are perfectly coordinated with your needs and the individual particularities of your bathroom. Innovative materials ensure premium workmanship and quality while promising long-lasting beauty for your bathroom. By adding a supplemental whirlpool system, you can transform your bathtub into your own private wellness area to give you a wonderfully relaxing feeling day after day.