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Bathroom Vanities From Villeroy & Boch

Practical and Timeless.

Vanities are a permanent fixture in any bathroom, and true space sensations. When they are installed under a sink to save space, the Villeroy & Boch bathroom vanities blend with the beautiful ceramic of the sink to create an overall harmonious entity. Each collection boasts its own innovative design and practical functionality.

Store Your Personal Items in Style

Bathroom vanities from Villeroy & Boch provide the perfect solution for storing all kinds of personal items besides towels, such as cosmetics and other accessories, and ensure that everything you need is within easy reach. Different collections address different design preferences. The Subway 2.0 collection delivers impressive round or square shapes, offering a wide range of possible combinations.

Venticello features straight lines that are delicately expressed. The collection’s weightless design represents modern living in its most elegant form. The Memento premium collection is characterized by creative combinations of wood and glass and original color combinations. Expectations for sophisticated designs are met at the highest level. Visual and tactile contrasts provide all the senses with an aesthetic experience.

Optimum Bathroom Planning for Individual Requirements

Different floorplans and requirements need custom solutions. Villeroy & Boch meets these requirements by offering bathroom vanities in many different widths, heights, and depths to provide the perfect cabinet for any bathroom. A large vanity unit for double sinks is the perfect answer for much-needed space in a family bathroom.

Even a minimalist guest bathroom has room for a vanity to house cleaning products or small cosmetics for spontaneous overnight guests.

Elegant design Elements

Thanks to its exclusive look, a spaciously designed bathroom vanity is perfect for adding style. Consistently clear lines strengthen the overall clean impression while creating a calming harmony. By adding other coordinated pieces, you can greatly influence the feeling of the bathroom.

Villeroy & Boch opens up a host of individual options by providing a wide range of colors and materials. Purist white adds a touch of cleanliness, while light or dark wood adds a feeling of comfort. Grey tones feel understated and down-to-earth. Shiny black surfaces create a futuristic design. The knobs on the front panels simply blend into the overall look.